About Us

The company was registered early 2000 but represents companies that have a long presence in South Africa. The main principle is Crowcon. Crowcon UK has been one of the leaders in gas detection supply worldwide for many years and has been supplying this equipment for more than 30 years. Since 1990 Crowcon has had substantial representation in South Africa. 1999 saw Crowcon change its views on agents worldwide to small focused companies, Gas Monitoring Services was appointed as the Crowcon agent in 2000.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to provide South Africa and the African Market with high quality and reliable products
  • Our vision is to provide excellent unquestionable service to customers using our product
  • Our vision is to be sensitive to the needs of the population of South Africa and provide a product that can increase the quality of life for a better life for all
  • Our vision is to be the major player in the gas detection market
  • Our vision is to abide by the changing processes in South Africa in labour and all other fields

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellent products and after sales service to the gas monitoring service.

Our Partners

  • Crowcon
  • ADC
  • E-Instruments
    • Meet Our Members

      Gerald Maree

      Jeni Bell
      Accounting Department

      Irene Mojela

      Marlize Kruger
      Internal Sales

      Roelof Vermeulen
      Technician, Sales

      Jan Vermaak
      Technician, Sales